JRFutures.com - Anybody Ever Used Them?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Cold Brew, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. I like their platform as well as the fact that the account minimum is only $500. I only plan on trading 1 contract for awhile, so I figure why have $5000 sitting stale in a futures account when I could us it for something else.
  2. Are you an employee/officer of the firm?
  3. No. I'm trying to research this broker because I can hardly find any information about them at all.
  4. Are you the only account at that firm? :confused:
  5. They're a introducing broker for PFG

    I use them and am satisfied and love the simple trading platform.Commissions are high though,10.00 round turn .I only trade once or twice per day to catch the trend of the day so it doesn't bother me
  6. I thought commissions were $4.10 round turn ?
  7. $10 RT!?!?! Even you with minimal trading should be able to get $5.00 RT. You need to speak to Jackie Reitz... SHE is the JR in JRFutures.

    Yes, good choice of platforms, many with no fee, even the BestPro. Intraday margins, a good size FCM (PFG), superb trading desk and customer service accessibility, access to most electronic AND pit markets, and overall, very good people.

    And no, I do not work for JRFutures, PFG, or any other broker-related party.

  8. $500 account minimum??? There should be laws against allowing such an absurd low minimum for a futures account. You have a better chance of getting some of your money back buying $500 of lottery tickets than trading a futures account with $500.

    How the hell can anyone trade trade futures with only $500 in their account? Talk about programmed for failure.
  9. yeah ... but I have an etrade futures account now with 10k in it, and I only ever trade 1 contract at a time, so i've got $9,500 that just sits there doing nothing. Which is one reason im attracted to JRfutures ... I could put like $1500 in that account and be fine.
  10. What a silly thing to say. Do you realize there are MANY things, including options on futures, other than intraday index futures, capable of being traded with only a few hundred dollars?
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