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  1. Who in their right mind.. it buying JRCC right now? Holy COW!!!
  2. ,

    Time to short... way over bought...
  3. SATC should also be shorted
  4. JRCC- absolutely insane... huge bubble! These commodity agriculture type stuff is insane.
  5. magicz


    if you dont follow coal spot prices then you are going to get hurt if you short JRCC.
  6. gobar


    in a month that stock jumped over $20..

    even with bad earnings..

    think 10 times before shorting this pig..
  7. The stock is a joke! Coal is in a bubble... after the summer the stock will be $20.
  8. do you think the IV on the JRCC puts is too inflated?
  9. YES, If OIL pass 150
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