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  1. I don't see any MA support for the yen any of my charts...

    Possibility of 94.00 area?
  2. Looks like 107 and then maybe 109ish

  3. I mean't 94.00 level this week...

    107 might happen in a few months...Good luck with that
  4. put it in daily chart in one year; you can see a head and two shoulders; good luck.
  5. I think you are talking USD/JPY.
    I'm talking Yen futures
    your 94 is my 106
  6. almost hit 106 this evening.
    107 by tommorow if equities keep fallin
  7. Oh - my bad.....good analysis :))
  8. futures/forex, specifically in the Yen is confusing because of this.
    it's hard enough to imagine...

    1 Yen = 0.010438 U.S. dollars


    Good luck out there...strong reversal this AM and not sure what it means. Need a close above 1.0470 to maintain bullishness in Yen. I guess that's 95.30 in the Forex world
  9. I'd expect Yen weakness to be a bit more pronounced given strength in equities today. Obviously, one does not believe in the other, and correlation seems to have temporarily parted ways.
  10. Like I've said before, I'm a beginner at technical analysis.

    Would the attached chart suggest that the USDJPY might see an upward trend due to divergence?

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