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  1. I know im excluding comission. Easier for me that way. Over the last month 27% of my profits went to comission.
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  2. I agree.. but the stock has to be very liquid like a MSFT, KLAC... some of the stocks he has traded in this journal are not what u are talking about.

    Also.. another factor to consider is that when you move bigger size.. your breakeven trades will start costing much more. Commisions start to increase and it takes a big toll.

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  3. A lot of newbies start journals trading 100 shares and think that if they make $100 for the week.. its only a matter of increasing their position size and they will make more $.

    In the case of futures and very liquid issues.. this is probably true... but when you are daytrading stocks that average less than 1mil shares a day.. its far from reality. It becomes a very big issue when u are using stops that are dime and profit targets ranging a quater.

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  4. I know what your saying and i agree...have i said that i dont? so if you and fasttrader wanna fight over this take it out of my journal please :)
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  5. 9-09-03

    Great Day today for me. Last night I went out and had a few drinks with Brandon Fredrickson because he was up in my parts of the country. Enjoyed chatting with him all night, and id also like to thank him again for buying my drinks :)

    This morniing i took CHIR long at 55.05 after it broke its 30 min base. Took some out at 55.55, 55.90 and then 55.63. Over all a nice trade.

    At 10:15 cst i took RFMD long at 10.07, and took ISIS long at 7.00. Ended up taking .04 from RFMD and .05 from ISIS. Nothing spectacular, but the market just decided to do nothing, and i wanted to go to lunch :)

    At 12:10 CST i took ERTS long at 90.38. Took some off at 90.75 and too the rest off at 90.57.

    At 1:10 cst i took LLL long at 48.55. It broke a 30 min base. ended up stopping out when market got weak into end of day with a scratch.

    Grossed $158.00 on 1200 shares.
    Made up a improved risk managment plan this weekend. Seemed to of worked better today, well see how it works this week.
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  6. That looks like a net per week of $576. Your work over the week end was helpful for sure.

    30K a year first year is good if you only trade the 200 share lots you are doing now.

    Could you tell us what you did to improve your plan?

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  7. Not sure how you got net of $576...especially when i give gross figures :) Id need more specific question to answer your question...
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  8. 27% commish off gross of what you posted, then x5 for week and x52 for year.

    You said you did some work on weekend to get risk management under control. I just wondered what. sure worked.
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    Is this one of those journals??
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  10. I see what you are saying now, but you cant take one day and think they all will be good like was just a good trading day for me. Basically with the risk plan i put it all on paper instead of in my head. Basic risk to reward rules, hold winners longer and scale out of them, cut loser fast, etc....nothing special.
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