JPMorgan Sees V-Shaped Recovery in U.S.

Discussion in 'Economics' started by bit, Aug 16, 2009.

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    Thats a crock of shit and fraud. these are the same people that were leveraging 100-1 and telling all to buy at 14k.its time to end all this craziness and crash this back to lows and finally after 25 years make people throw up all there stock and start over in a new bull mkt that can be sustained.get rid of all these lieing self interest brokerage analysts and start over. the consumer is not coming back period. he bought all the shit he's ever dreamt of for 30 years and its time to scale back are standard of living. i guess 54% up in 5 months isn't enough for the greedy pigs
  3. no need to be pissed. Look beyond daily data... US is now becoming really competitive on global scale. 1/2 of bad loans hit outside US, therefore making competitors less competitive. US exagerrating, rest of the world hiding...
  4. What does this even mean?
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    Im so tired of the this hype, there is no "V" fu$king shaped recovery, enough already, they have no clue what they are talking, the biggest crisis in history and the economy is on its way to growth and job creation, this is a joke, there will be no "V" shaped recovery, it will be a long "L" lasting more than 10 years, like I said a thousand times before do not rush in and buy the markets just yet, you will be able to buy the s$p 1000 5, 7, 10 years from now, the market is going to drop again, you will be able to buy equities 30% cheaper from fridays closing sometime over the next 12-18 months.
  6. Who cares about whether or not there is a "V" shaped recovery???

    The stock market has already rallied 50% off the lows.

    You either caught the rally and made a TON of money trading the technicals and price behavior, or you sat around on ET listening to the S2007S's of the world cry "Gloom and Doom" with one cut and paste article of bearishness after another and your thumb up your arse.
  7. You could have done that in March and you didn't.

    If we do get back there you and all the other perma bears will say we are still going another 30% lower and miss another massive rally.

    Likewise, all the perma bulls are still holding long from 14,000 and expecting this rally to last 3 years.

    Not trying to flame here, just getting tired of ET's perma bull/bear nonsense.

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    OK, great, I am already out of the market and tomorrow, I will take the last bit out.

    Enjoy that V shaped recovery while it lasts.

    I am convinced that any stock market returns going forward will be nominal and not real returns.
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    very well said, yes, I am bearish, but bought a bunch in March and made some money to offset all the losses from 2008.

    I am still bearish, but now I am getting out of equities slowly over the last 2 months.
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