JPMorgan CEO sees more bank consolidation ahead

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  1. I'm not sure about "jumping for joy." I mean, look at the dressing-down Dimon had to take before Congress, and all that rigmarole about bonuses for firms receiving TARP funds - they took TARP because they were *asked* to, just like they bought Bear Stearns because they were *asked* to. I'm not so sure JPM is so keen to do the government any more favors.
  2., I think the debacle over Ken Lewis being strongarmed by Paulson into buying ML has really cast a light on what happens when Uncle Sam asks you to "do your bit" for the economy. I think there will be tremendous skepticism among shareholders and boards of directors regarding due diligence on financial sector takeovers from now on...
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    He has changed his tune from a few weeks ago, not quite as rosy and optimistic.
  4. Dimon's life mission is to merge all banks into one entity with him as chairman. :cool:
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    No. But at least he is much better than his peers.

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    When you are sitting on massive derivatives counterparty risk somehow you always find more appealing a world where everybody merges and there are no failures