JPM serious case of the fuglies this week

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  1. wtf is that all about
  2. are you the last one to figure out Wall Street is nothing but a big scam?

    JPM is owned by the FED
  3. Just another SCUM bank now a full part of the globalist directed wealth directed by their minion of destruction.......the FED!

    Globalist Wealth Entities continuing their OWN pretold plans............
  4. the question is who are YOU owned by.

  5. asap


  6. i think a lot of people know jpm is total engima. no one has idea what it is or whats on its balance sheet. not to mention it has 500 zillion in derivatives.
  7. There is a ton of more scary financial crap waiting to rear it's ugly head and it will drag the markets to test prior lows.
    Financials are toxic.
  8. glad I was able to help
  9. Another huge heads up before the real carnage.

    Who's your daddy?
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    All we have to do is wait until every big name financial company is trading between $1-$5 then the credit crisis might just be about 50% done with, until then any financial stock thats trading higher than $15 bucks just looks like a great shorting opportunity, GS could easily be a $10 stock just like the rest of them.
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