JPM reports tomorrow pre-market

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by iceman1, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. maybe they can explain how their gamblers managed to lose a fortune. I guess no one learned a lesson from 2007-2008; same old over-educated, incompetent wannabee idiots trading millions and millions of dollars, with little success.

    Does JPM move market lower on Friday 13th? Or higher? lol

    I have GS positions; interesting to see if JPM can overcome option-pinning pressure on GS.
  2. Well Ice;
    JPM has long term trended better than MS,BAC, LEH,C, Countrywide Mortgage, Indy Bank, Bear Stearns.:D

    So no matter how well they do [or dont do,LOL];
    they are in a historical downtrending [big bank setor]:cool:

    I understand some investors do not have a problem with Mr Dimon calling the bottom in the Real Estate market / election year:D But frankly i think he should have disclosed ''bear markets are full of bottoms''- matter of fact thats mostly what bear/ buyers markets are made of. Bear markets are full of bottoms:D

    Even the WSJ ,RE market article [6/20/12] had a green ''Capital Hill RE market'' But even that puff piece disclosed , mostly red real estate map, inventory/ iceberg warnings.WSJ called it ''shadow inventory, that hasent been taken back & resold by banks'':cool:

    As far as the too big to fail/too big to fine.Well yes, Bunker Hunt & JPM was too big to fine for a long time. Bunker Hunt started out as a 12 pound baby, believe it or not:D And true, a half million dollar fine on 26/+ million bushel soybean derivative corner;
    that s not much:D . But the 1977 wheels of justice may grind slow;
    but they grind/ fine also..................:cool:

    I still like Bunker Hunt & J Dimon, no matter how much they lost/were sued/ fined , in the end:cool: