jpm may increase bid from $2 to $10 for bsc

Discussion in 'Trading' started by newguy05, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. morreo


    WTF IS THIS!!!!???

    hey fed, why don't you go bail out another person that fucks up. this is bullshit. It's one thing to rescue a fuckin' economy by not letting a giant fall, it's another to start raising stakes when you realize everyone didn't start giving you shit for what you did.

    I'll probably make money on this since i'm long financials since the beginning of the week, but this has to do with capitalism fundementals. i don't want to be making blood money if it means rigged markets. I thought these were free markets.

    Why did they raise the offer? The $2 was accepted by the board of directors!

    "Oh, we felt bad."

    That is bullshit! This is business. Play by the rules. Bear Stearns screwed up, they should be bankrupt! They should pay for their mistakes, even if it's fatal! Instead they are getting $10 a share. Unbelievable.