JPM announces earnings at 7 AM - predictions

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Ayn Rand, Jan 13, 2022.

  1. Ayn Rand

    Ayn Rand

    JP Morgan will be one of the first banks to announce quarterly earnings tomorrow morning at 7 AM. What effect will earnings have on JPM's stock price tomorrow?

    The consensus is that JPM will do well but how will that effect its stock price?

    I am speculating that it will be up on the open but trend down and end the day - flat to negative.
  2. maxinger


    It has been ranging from 145 to 170 for many months already.

    and it will continue to range unless there is a significant change in earnings.
  3. sjcohen


    Earnings will most likely be pretty good. GS's commodities trading desk made very decent money last quarter. Likely other desks as well. No doubt did JPM do well also. Rising rates benefit financials. The only thing that could derail this would be a market meltdown tomorrow or next week.

  4. sjcohen


    Trading revenue only 2% below expectation. 2022 guidance for net interest income higher than 2021. Only real downer is non-interest expenses. Stock down around 4% pre market. Probably 2% or so due to overnight selling in broad equity index.

    I get the "street" is not satisfied and calls the results disappointing but the "street" is also currently hooked on crack cocaine. Anything short of stellar is disappointing. I wonder what terminology is nowadays used for truly disappointing results...

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    JPM is probably a good buy as a core holding today.
  7. I might dabble in financials in about two weeks.