JPM and Jamie Dimon Are Serving the Free Lunch

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Daal, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Daal


    Dimon is sitting on $61T in OTC swaps about $10T worth of CDS exposure(chart data might be old)

    JPM is the single largest entity taking counterparty risk in the entire world, yet they assure everyone its not a problem. With corporate defaults and bankruptcies set to rise across the board is dimon trying to serve the free lunch by claiming its not a big deal?
  2. JPM runs the federal reserve. If JPM ever feels any heat, the fed prints money and bails them out secretly.
  3. dhpar


    these numbers mean shit.
  4. Daal


    Dimon has a waiter!!
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    and 99% of ET members are clueless when it comes to derivatives...

    can you even interpret these numbers?

    what do they stand for, how it relates to risk, what risks are they, what info is missing to be able to make judgements and comparisions with respect to risk/capital etc.

  6. I agree. Most ETers know nothing about OTC derivatives.
  7. Yeah jeeze...what a bunch of morons.
  8. I wonder how much of this belonged to Bear, originally.
  9. Daal


    I supposed you guys also think Chris Whalen from IRA doesnt know anything about derivatives either
    He is the same guy who said Citi was insolvent way before it was popular, hes saying JPM will be nationalized because its deviratives book
    I'm quite aware of netting and net exposure but you will take counter-party risk even if hedged, the truth is that JP is massive bookie and they take gigantic levels of conterparty risk, if it wasnt for Citi bailout JPM would have gone down with Citi already

    Btw, can you supersize that?
  10. Do you have any numbers that support your claim? Maybe JPM is showing a net loss facing Citi/AIG. Maybe they have call in enough collateral to cover potential defaults? Posting gigantic notional exposure on a company's derivatives book is taking things out of context. Some hedge funds can take more risk with less notional exposure.
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