JPM and BofA had PERFECT trading quarters.(no losing days!)

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    J.P. Morgan reported 12 days where it brought in more than $200 million on each day, while Bank of America had at least 25 days where it made more than $100 million from trading in the third quarter.

    Most of us would just like to make 1/10th of what they make in 1 day in the next 10-20 years. I guess the secret to trading is to have unlimited support of the fed.

    If trading is a zero sum game, that means 4,000 traders with $25k accounts are wiped out everyday.
  2. This only proves that banks creative accounting continues full blown.
  3. those are the pesky little robots pushing the market up by EOD. maybe they could lose big on huge down days. but those days are rare and the bots will pull their bids as soon as they smell anything funny.
  4. those bankers work very hard and many wear ties, while 25k daytraders sit in their underwear and read yahoo chat boards.

    no wonder the banks never lose.
  5. That's what happens when amateurs compete against professionals.

  6. I'm sure you mean "the equivalent of 4,000 traders with $25k accounts" because the way you've stated it would mean that over the course of a 250 trading day year 1 million $25K account traders would go belly-up, which seems a bit high, since I doubt there are even a million traders trading that much.

    Much more likely they're pocketing a million here, three million there from institutional traders at weaker firms.
  7. Most of us would make 1/10 of what they make in 1 day in the next 10-20 years? You are saying "most of us would make 20 millions in next 10-20 years." What are you smoking?

    Maybe 0.1% of guys on ET will make 20 millions in next 10-20 years.
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    The banks never lose because they have access to every bid and every ask and position themselves within that range, thereby guaranteeing a profit. If you or I had that information we'd never lose either. I guess that's what comes with being a Member Bank of the Federal Reserve.


  9. What are YOU smoking. I said most of us would "JUST LIKE" to make that money. Smoking lots of pot makes you lose focus when reading, didnt you know that? =P