JPJ Trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BarbaraM, Oct 8, 2008.

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    Any good or worthless? Keep hearing both sides. Any additional imput would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Short EUR/CHF.

    Best trades out there.
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    Obviously two of Elitetraders elite morons!
  6. He has a trial offer on the chat room this week. How about you email him; sign on and check it out for yourself?
  7. This thread should be moved to the spam forum, eh?
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    Well... I managed to sit in on his free trial for the last two days. The first day, he had 3 trades, 3 losers. The second day, he did not even trade, just kept promoting his service and pressuring trial members to sign up soon since he would start teaching this weekend. Seems like he got quite a few, though they may have been shills. Bottom line....for me, not worth it, back to the drawing board. Any one else got a recommendation?
  9. Have you considered Jack Hershey's method ? It's free !
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    Yeah, right! I read this forum. Puretick too.
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