JPJ Trading vs IOAMT vs Profiletraders

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  1. reposting on a different board as index futures board was silent on this one..


    I am looking for a honest room which is easy to follow and learn that is based on market profile.

    I've identified these three rooms that are good candidates and have been in them for the trials etc but find it hard to evaluate even after being in them, if they are good or not.

    IOAMT: seems like the calls are good but he doesnt show his order book and sometimes seems to be calling but not really trading live. Cant be sure though.

    Profiletraders: saw him scale into a 12lot on ES recently and hold it overnight. Other than that he seems pretty honest and has a track record posted online also; but a trade like that if goes against you can take away months of your profits IMO.

    Have you folks been in any of these rooms and have opinions.

    If possible, please lets keep the discussion specific to these vendors.

  2. Of the three I have only been in Billy's room, IOAMT. He's ok, but yeah no DOM shown no records. Billy is not very emotionally balanced, which is not so good. All Market Profile people to me are biased faders, all of them. You might check out Kham Dadwar L2ST, he's pretty good and tells you the win and losses he has. I think he charges 195 pounds a month. I don't fade much anymore, its stupid.
  3. JimH


    I have been with Profiletraders for about a year. I had tried several different day trading techniques. Some were so complicated I couldn't follow them, and I have been a position trader for about 12 years.
    Others were probably OK, but just didn't work for me.

    Markets are always changing, and market profile seems to be the only method that recognizes this. MP had always been a mystery to me, but being in the Profiletraders room has taught me so much, that I now understand how to use it in my trading.

    Questions are always welcome in the room, and the other traders are a mix of newbies and very experienced and the dialogue is very open.

    I don't take all of the trade suggestions, but I do take the ones that fit my account and temperment.

    Anyway, give Profiletraders a shot, its probably the most honest room I have come across.
  4. So ive been in the ioamt room for a few months and can confirm that billy is the slickest snake oil salesman i have seen. I'll never believe anyone in the finance industry unless they show me their audited tax records; its next to impossible for anyone listening to billy to say that he really doesnt trade or is not speaking the truth; but ive got proof that he doesnt really trade. just talks a lot..

    He puts on trades (both entries and exits) after the fact and assumes everyone believe he really got those fills. The most hilarious aspect for me is almost every morning he come in either long or short from the overnight low or high and closes a first trade profitable. ha.. go figure.

    And if a trade goes really against him he will ssay something vague like "exit on an uptick"; either the market upticks and he puts in a exit at entry price or it never has a single uptick and collapses and he put in an exit a couple of ticks below his entry after ES has moved like 5 points down. Thats cheating; but i guess its ok if all you are doing is marking charts and not really trading.. hahah; and just selling a room for 250$ a month. It will take any one a really long time to know the truth if they are persistent enough to find out..

    If any Reza has some credibility; he doesnt show himself a superhero. But his trading style (too many scale ins) to get a small profit and his willingness to take extremely scaled in positions overnight turns me off.

    And JPJ is so secretive; that after the experience with ioamt, i can definitely categorize him into snakeoil bucket.

    Just wanted to put my thoughts in so that if some newbie comes searching for either of these they have an opinion to consider.

    As far as MP is concerned, i think i will just stick with Daltons books for now.

  5. Fraud vs Fraud vs Fraud

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  6. I have been in JPJ's room for over 2 years. This is a guy who really trades and is not afraid to show emotion.
  7. TapeReader

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    We have a different slant on IOAMT and Market Profile...

    IMHO, reading the tape, as Market Profile and IOAMT portend to do, is critical to trading in today's electronic futures market.

    Monitoring order flow will tell you quite a bit about what the institutions, hedge funds, prop desks are doing.

    The challenge is that when you read the tape, as opposed to using RSI, MACD, have to analyze a lot more data.

    This can lead to discrepancies, information overload, the need for proprietary indicators and on and on.

    Here's a blog article that discusses why order flow centric indicators are faster than classic technical analysis indicators and also contains a video that gives the ABC's of why it is important to monitor order flow...

    The Fastest Indicator Recipe

    Hope this helps
  8. I'm currently in JP's room and he is the straightest shooter I've experienced and his room's a one time fee paid over 3 months. Currently he's battling hepatitis.

    Ioamt is focused more on tape reading and it's harder to learn than JP's methods. Profiletraders I have no experience with.

    The only caveat that one may have w/ JP is that he trades size and scales at 7 levels when he trades his full allotment.