JP Morgan was maniaco depressive also

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  1. Karen Carpenter was bulemic
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    To think about quality control in an advanced age is ludicrous. We invent, prefer Southern China to produce, export it to Israel and gets criticized by an English Professor who reads the economy through the works of a physically-challenged 16 century monk whose wife dumped him for a young lesbian. Knowledge is about predicting not Goliath's next move but rather updating David's Trojan horse because it generates revenue and exceed expectations.
  3. Amazing. Already I feel that I am a better trader having read these posts. Thank you, Steve46
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    I guess this puts me in good company.

    Dave Scott
  5. If Einstein knew so much about gravity, how come his hair stood up like that?
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    Why don't you be good sport and share your $ 3-words of wisdom about trading with the rest of the gang--after all, the schmuck who shares his knowledge with the rest is always remembered as the heroic inventor, and books are written about him.