JP Morgan re-opens Highbridge after assets fell GBP1bln in recent market volatility

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  1. Sorry, just to complete every investment bank´s mess in the last weeks we have to mention of course J.P.Morgan !:D :D :D

    JP Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM) has re-opened its JPM Highbridge Statistical Market Neutral fund after assets fell by over GBP1 billion in the recent market volatility.

    The Luxembourg-domiciled fund, which has been backed by leading fund of funds managers, launched in November 2006 and is a joint venture between JPMAM and US global asset management firm Highbridge Capital Management.

    JPMAM stopped new deals into the fund in June after assets under management surged to $8.7 billion (£4.3 billion). The group claimed the asset raising made it the fastest growing fund in retail history.
  2. They're good at gathering assets, not managing them.
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