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    I wanted to know everyone’s opinion playing joyg off their earnings. I was thinking a June 55 straddle.
  2. B Jun 50 x 1
    S Jun 55 X 2
    S Jun 60 x 2
    B 4 Jul 65 x 4

    "hell freezes over" exposure -$92 Joyg to 92 + 564
    2 sgima exposure -92 max peaking at 231 bet 52 to 62
    That is dropping the vols across the board to 55IV
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    Forecast average SV with 23 days to expiration is at 45.3% and 44.9% for my two primary models, respectively. Current JOYG IV at 85.8% for a ~40% premium to SV forecast. When you said "June 55 straddle", I am assuming you mean shorting a June 55 straddle, right?

  4. I closed my long JOYG straddle yesterday with a nice profit , I cannot belive its up another 1$ !!!
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    Congratulations on a nice ramp in IV. When did you buy it? There was a nice discount to forecast in March and April at points, would have been a very nice long gamma ride. They announce tomorrow? Might not be a bad short towards the close.

  6. a week or so ago , paid low 50th vols. My pre report expected vols were no higher than 60 , but with late VIX action I raised it a bit. Still totally shocked to see almost 90 now ( although JOYG moved 15% in the last 2 qtrs , but still...)
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    So uh, why aren't you short? :D

  8. good question ! I do reverse position some times , but staying away this time . Good luck If you going short ; its a good r/r and you covered for first +/- 18 % of the move
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    I do not want the -gammas, but I might sick the bot on the short calendar.

  10. I checked it before : both front and back month vols needed to collapse to high 30th to make it vega neutral
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