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  1. ET journals the latest form of free advertising for the chatroom hucksters?

    get rid of it. it cheapens the whole thing...
  2. yea these journaltisements suck. more and more of em have been slithering in here under the guise of altruism as their pool of prospects has dried up with the fall of the market. why doesnt baron make some cash off these guys and tag and charge em just like the rest of the vendors on this site.
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    You guys must be talking about me!!! I'm a chatroom huckster!!! He he he
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    I was gonna give a spirited defense of traders who are making money, run chatrooms, and start journals here (obviously without totally altruistic motives), but I saw a commentary by Neil in the new BrandonF thread that pretty well sums it up for me:
  5. There seems to be a contradiction in terms with the above statement...Perhaps it could read "I was gonna give a spirited defense of traders who are making money BY runNING chatrooms"
  6. As soon as my journal is successful, I am gonna start a chatroom...

  7. it's not the making of money itself that's a problem.. it's the method employed to make it...
    see the Resources thread for a current discussion on that..

    as far as the journals go... what possible reason could brandon have to start that journal??? does he want unadulterated feeback on his trading? fine. then let him start it under an alias, and he'll most likely get nothing but pure, focused feedback.

    look at the cheap shot name he gives his thread. as if that paper thin gimmick somehow exonerates him... it's a sales tool. pure and simple. just like donny brightco's openings threads. but at least he pays for the privilege.

    i guess some people are just so desperate for answers that they'll hold out hope that ANY new info they get their hands on is gonna be it.... that's why our friendly neighborhood vendors can usually sit back and let the adoring hordes defend them...

  8. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth! Guys like Allen Z, Brandon, and Ali Bashsa are SHARING not because they have to, but out of genuine camaraderie with the folks here on ET. Imagine the pressure of running a chat room. Instead of being able to up one's own size, you're too busy helping newbies by posting each setup and trade in rapid fire style. If you have a dry spell you feel the immense guilt if knowing that your subscribers have lost not only trading capital but will still have to find a way to cough up their participation fees. I know if it wasn't for the demands of his room, Brandon would be trading several hundred contracts at a clip. Then none of us would have a chance to get in the market. Heck, the guy has already single handily destroyed the liquidity in NQ. Now him and his subscribers are going to take over the Dow contract. When ES finally falls into his clutches, the rest of us who aren't in his room are going to be forced into trading Corn futures. I've already seen a poll on who yields the most influence on U.S. securities markets, with Brandon right below Greenspan and O'Neill, but well above Barton Biggs and Abby Cohen.

    So come on critics and cynics, lets get past audited this or that. Who cares that in a world with a PDT rule, these guys can make a fortune operating a well intentioned chat room without Big Brother on their tail. Just remember, there are still nay-sayers out there, who don't think Mao or Stalin were out for the little guy either. Very unenlightened folks here on ET. Let's give a hand to our "in house" gurus. We love you all!
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    Can't argue with you as you're probably right. But if some folks at ET pick up an occasional insight here 'n there I'm not sure where's the problem or the harm. As to The Answer and his oh-so-clever commentary, in his 3rd post no less, I'm trying desperately to think about what he's offered here at ET of value, what trading insights he's shared in comparison to Brandon or AllenZ or Chris Terry or Tony Oz, etc. :confused:
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