Journalist looking for someone who started their own ETF

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by dcwriter, Feb 4, 2019.

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    Researching a WSJ article, looking for someone as close to an average Joe as possible, albeit a rich one, who will go through the process and the costs in detail. Not looking for someone who is an established money manager or big financial adviser. Will consider a mutual fund or closed-end fund. In fact, someone like Phil Goldstein and his first CEF would be great but I need someone who started up in the last couple of years. Thanks in advance. DCW
  2. Yep. What @cdcaveman posted

    Try to get in touch with Blair Hull. He just retired back to California. I think he'd be interested in promoting his Hull Tactical ETF. This guy is a pioneer, and legend. Not an average Joe, but worth a shot.
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  3. I've met him a few times... He gave me his card... Told me to call him... I never did...he likes to talk shop though.. I met the team of guys behind that etf to ..