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  1. Purpose of Journal:
    1.To do,rather than think about doing.
    2.To promote discipline
  2. First three trades all losers -2.75
    Last trade winner +0.75
    First trade should have been BE as I had one line virtually bisect the other.Moved the screen around a bit and changed some colours.
    Will alter my schedule next week so can attend throughout US hours.
    Have a strong desire to adapt the approach but do not wish to skip steps that may hinder future progress.
  3. This journal has served its purpose.
    I've transferred it to a physical form.
  4. In the new year I will recharge my account and see where I go from there.Starting with the - £100000 level of my finances and see how long it takes me to get to break even (not counting lost interest or opportunity cost).
  5. Just sent the wire,so I may have funds available as early as tomorrow.I'll give a weekly p/l account and hopefully that will keep me honest.
  6. best of luck with your endeavor

  7. Hopefully the thought of people watching will burn the lies out.(Though the accountant's gaze didn't do the trick).I was also trading huge No.s of contracts in relation to the account size.
  8. Money's already in the account.They must like commissions.I'm tired so won't trade today (reversion).

    In the interest of honesty I had one BE trade in and out at 91.
  9. Losing week.Yesterday did the damage.I'll give next week a go as It takes a while to get back in the swing.