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  1. From now on I'll try to post my trades here.
    I'm beta testing my API application and my trading method using the IB Demo.
    So, the prices are from the IB Demo (that is: they are with some offsets),
    therefore only people using the Demo can verify the prices/trades.
    I'll post normally at around 00:00 ET (06:00 CET) the trades/results of the past 24 hours trading.
    till then.. happy trading to all you other traders...
  2. Awesome, can't wait to see it. I trade demo with IB to and they gave me a $5,000,000 account daily and they wire 50% of my demo profits to me daily. Good luck, I can't wait to see you rack up the sim dollars. Call IB and talk to Harold Baines about getting those wired out to you everyday if you are profitable. He will tell you all about the offsets and how they trade and monitor your account and pay you out on profits. Good luck!
  3. Right now, I'm having (again) a war with the MM of AIG... :)
    He has let the price drop more than 10% within minutes... :)
    Let's see how it will end this time (the last time I had won of course :).
  4. Sure, you are joking, don't you? :)
    BTW, is yours a 5M acct or is it rather the std 500K acct?
  5. Hey you AIG MM idi, fyi: my next stop is at -14.2%, so you need to let it drop some more, poor little boy!
    You can't win against me! Give up, you eternal looser MM!
  6. auspiv


    what? you only have the $500,000 demo account? ib is screwing you over! mine is $1M, see picture.
  7. Your statements are contradictory since in your first posting you said "they gave me a $5,000,000 account".
    So which of your words is correct?
    And can you make full use of it for your advantage?
  8. This SOB MM drops the stock price but keeps the option premiums high.
    There is a big imbalance. That's a typical MM price manipulation...
  9. Yippea! He gives up, I'm only -1.9% in the negatives now... :)
    Ooops. he again goes back... now -3.4%...
    I'm keeping cool.
    This SOB MM can't win this battle!
  10. I'm in the plus zone :) +2k now, +3k, ...
    I'll wait a while... :)
    #10     Dec 11, 2009
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