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  1. I decided to start my own trade log for people to view, and for my own reference.

    I have been on a hot streak since last Wednesday, I haven't made a losing trade (in futures), trading mainly 1 direction based on 3 indicators of market health. If I exit a trade early, it's because the trade violated my rules, or I got in at a point of support/resistance on the wrong side.

    I began with 5k. I will post updates with trading days. Can't and don't place trades everyday due to life, discretion, trading rules, and full time job.

    I have paid my tuition as well :D
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  2. Been mainly shorting the market since last Wednesday. People should only be shorting this market!

    I have been violating my rules and went long a few times today and I get out of my trades quickly when I do this.

    I have missed the major down moves of this recent bear market due to my life's schedule, but that's fine, there's always tomorrow.
  3. $100 today, on basically scalping.

    Not too bad, but could have made a lot more if I were more confident (the old coulda shoulda woulda). That humble pie I ate with my tuition made me much more discretionary in my trades, on top of returning to the drawing board to start learning as much as I could.

    I have studied VSA, trade based on support/resistance in the direction of 3 market indicators.
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  4. Even though my main trading is with NQ/ES, I trade Forex.

    My Forex trades coming around finally. Started my Forex account with around 1300, trading with 1 lots of 100:1 leverage.

    Trades are based on the a strategy using the highly underrated commitments of traders.
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  5. Be careful shorting! We are getting into a zone of psychological support... Today we will test the support levels from 1 month ago.

    I won't be home, so I won't trade today... If there is a rally, I would sell once it faded in strength.
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  6. FX update
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  7. Going to trade the market tomorrow but very cautiously.

    Looks like we could have a short term turning point coming up (bear to bull).
  8. This article contributes to the debate whether the introduction of derivative instruments stabilises or destabilises markets for underlying assets. It has often been argued that due to the higher degree of leverage, futures markets tend to attract uninformed speculative investors and thus destabilise cash markets by increasing volatility. On the other hand, it has been pointed out that futures markets increase the overall market depth and informativeness, are important for price discovery, allow the transfer of risk, and may actually reduce spot volatility. The empirical evidence is controversial and has been concentrated on large capitalisation markets. This paper investigates the issue for a dynamic emerging market, the Athens Stock Exchange, employing a methodology that allows the examination of changes in the nature of volatility rather than changes in volatility per se, and allowing for asymmetric responses to news. To anticipate the results, spot volatility appears unaffected with some evidence to suggest that uncertainty is actually reduced following the introduction of futures trading.
  9. HighSea


    How do you like OEC as a trading platform? Do you have both futures and forex account with the same broker?
  10. The platform is fine for my uses (free and placing trades). It's not as sophisticated as TS but I don't need it to be. $4.88 on RT and standard Forex spread commission I found were very reasonable.
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