Journal of index futures trading [Part 2]

Discussion in 'Journals' started by masterm1ne, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. So, I scrapped up what I had left, started with 10k.

    I'll post screen shots of my account after I decide to finish trading for the night. I trade the night session only, as I am fortunate enough to have a day job.

    By the way, I look at price, volume and that's it. No indicators of any kind. You will see some, but those are not used to help me determine entries/exits.

    I don't have a screen shot for day one, but I was in a draw down of -2k so I started with 8k. However, my initial investment was 10k.

    I started off with a good gain on day 1 (this Monday of 2.5k overnight with a 1 contract long position).
  2. Yo, FullAutoTrading and PocketChange: I'll dedicate this thread to you two who think trading has to be done by a super complex and *cough* forward/back-tested (millions of times) using randomly generated curve fit algo's. Shame on you especially FullAutoTrading Tom. I guess I'm some prodigal 15 year old eh?? lol....

    And it gets better too. I read one book that changed my outlook. Funny that a good trader would ever waste his time writing a book right Tom?
  3. Day 2
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  4. Day 3
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  5. Day 4
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  6. Nice job! Keep it up and good luck!
  7. ahah thank you for the dedication! I am very honored.

    I will be following your work, so be careful ;-))

    I also do hope to learn something: so, surprise me! :)



    Don't just post single trades. It really makes absolutely no sense. Tell us about your strategic ideas and how you work to build profitable approaches.
  8. The only way I'm doing this is 'being careful.' Thanks for the reminder!

    These are not single trades. On day 3, I made 11 trades. 2 winners out of those 11. Take a look at the completed orders tab in the screen shots. There were 52 completed orders, on 5 lots thats 10 trades+! I trade more than 1 time every night. I trade until I hit a certain point. My goal is simple: Make money every time I trade.

    I wish I had a strategy to disclose, but... I don't really have one in the traditional sense. My edge: money management. You typed in one of your threads Tom, the one thing that will make you money in this game, yet I think for some reason don't realize it.
  9. Lescor: It's too bad, you should have let me join your group. You would be able to say (in the near future) that you know one profitable futures trader. But DAMN THESE MARKETS ARE SO EFFICIENT.... The faster you stop thinking that the efficiency of markets will prevent you from making money, the faster you'll make more money than you know what to do with.

    I don't used a fixed or calculated function of price and volume to do any of my trades. Everything I've done and will do is 100% subjective. :cool:
  10. What was the book?

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