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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Pekelo, May 16, 2006.

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  1. Pekelo


    What if the starter of any Journal could be also the Moderator of that particular journal?
    Sure, valid criticism can be moderated out this way, but if somebody really cares, he can start a counter journal and criticize there. So readers would have the choice to read both sides but in different threads.

    But this way annoying stuffs, attacks or offtopic chit-chat could be filtered out...

    Just a thought....
  2. to many chiefs and not enough indians....

    the blind leading the blind....
  3. In my opinion, this is a bad idea and goes against the purpose of someone using ET as a place to keep their trade journal.

    All the thread author needs to do is use the complain button and the offensive remarks are removed (most don't use this feature for some odd reason).

    Further, starting counter-journals just doesn't make any sense especially when that trader (trader doing the criticizing) can simply use the private message feature to send the journal author his criticism.

    Yet, if criticism is being posted just for the sake of trying to attract more criticism from other traders...

    That's when the so called proposed counter-journals will only become an eye sore to be used to solicit debates and arguments.

    Last of all, if someone doesn't want to use the complain button feature and is too sensitive to what's being posted by others in their journal...

    Best to keep their journal elsewhere like a blog...most ET members that have a trade journal use blogs or similar instead of ET.

  4. Pekelo


    I can't believe how you missunderstood my post. OK, let's elaborate:

  5. Pekelo


    By the way, the 4 variations are:

    1. Good journal, valid criticism: Everybody is happy, ET is an effective place.

    2. Good journal, spams: Writer will be discouraged. Readers get pissed. Moderation would help.

    3. Bad journal, valid criticism: Readers are happy because mistakes are pointed out. Writer is probably pissed, but hey, write a good journal. Moderation is counter-productive, protecting a bad trader.

    4. Bad journal, spams: Who cares, shouldn't be read anyway...
  6. Pekelo


    Guys, this is really not that hard of a concept to grasp.

    Journalwriter moderates his own journal, if somebody wants to point out valid criticism he can start a counter-journal to go around moderation. End of story...

    Phew!!! That was hard.....
  7. This is what you don't understand...

    It's been suggested many many times before over many years and it still doesn't fly with Baron.

    Here's another alternative that doesn't fly with Baron:

    Instead of having to police a journal AFTER a problem occurs...

    Why not setup the Journals so that all comments by non-author of the journal are sent to a pending status until the journal author gives approval for the message to be released into his/her journal.

    Also, any messages in the pending status for a set period like 30 days are automatically deleted.

    The above suggestion works great in Yahoo! Groups (I'm not talking about their stock boards).

    In addition, any trader the journal author puts on his ban list are traders that cannot submit a message post in his journal and are traders that cannot view what's being said in the journal.

    Yet, allowing counter-journals under the facade someone has good criticisms will only creat more problems and attract the usual trouble makers.

    What's next...a counter-journal to a counter-journal?

    Also, any ET member that gets banned from 3 journals for posting offensive commentary...

    That ET member is no longer allowed to go into the Journal section...never.

    That keeps out the usual trouble making suspects that pollute the journal sections.


    * Counter-Journals...not good.

    * Journals with management features like a Yahoo! solution.

    Also, the ET moderators will have one job ensure journals are not being used for marketing purposes instead of spending their time monitoring for inappropriate commentary in journals or counter-journals.

    As I said before, if the above suggestions don't fly with Baron (they didn't in the past) and someone still has problems with their journal...

    Start a blog.

    With that said...Yahoo! Group is a good example of the suggestion I made.

    Are their any examples of your counter-journals being used anywhere that you can send Baron a link so he can take a look at it to determine its merits?

    Last of all, don't make the mistake in assuming all journals are started for the same reasons or have the same purpose.

    Some journal authors are not soliciting commentary and have stated such.

    Allowing counter-journals will discourage these particular journal authors from starting journals in the first place.


  8. Joe


    Doing this would have more negative effects than positive. Those that get their comments deleted would start new threads and would then deleted any comments that would interfere with their own and then those people would start a new thread, hence we could have 15 threads about the same topic, it would be a total mess.
  9. resistance is futile
  10. That sounds about right. If thread starters moderated their own threads, some of them would quickly become little emperors.
    #10     May 17, 2006
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