journal--good breakouts

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  1. this is my journal to verify and document good breakouts
  2. starting the list with:

    whr,ely,solf,bol, and ba
  3. Good luck. What tools are you using to identify breakouts? (software, chart method such as P & F, etc), data feed, broker).
  4. i'm using amibroker.... just to scan for the breakouts. which is nothing spectacular. looking for increased range with huge volume increase.

    my value added approach comes from my proprietary research involving fundamental ratios.
  5. only 1 valid breakout last night but looks awesome

  6. so you are using end of day quotes and finding breakouts on a daily line chart?
  7. VictorS


    Intraday or multiday trades? How many shares are you getting per position?
    Also, is this a new strategy for you?

    good luck
  8. Where are the charts?
  9. not a new strategy.... posting as a way to document trades. for myself doing 10-15% equity per trade. as for charts.... just starting so as soon as i figure out how to do it i probably will....
  10. new breakout buys;

    tmo and gcom
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