Jounral Entry 01-23-09

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  1. just thought i'd share it as i entered in my actual notebook.

    -First trade, shorted a channel after some momentum. Worked although i held on too long and left some on the table.

    -Second trade, shorted what now looks like a stupid setup. I just seen price look like it found R at the same level so i went short. Should have waited for something more significant.

    -Third trade, went long after serious momentum and seeing previous R become S. I actually got scared and took myself out of the trade right before the 40pt move. Sometimes it's better to hold on.

    -Fourth trade, long a TL bounce. Went against me a bit and maybe my entry should have been lower but I still didn't see enough reason to exit. Made a little but took profits too quickly.

    -Fifth trade, long another TL bounce. Caught a great move, took profits and called it a day.

    +$470 realized on 3k shares

    5 trades, 1 loser

    (traded a little scared today, maybe cause it's friday?)
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