Jordan Belfart & Brian Rose want to teach YOU about crypto!

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  1. Con Men (and women) galore all across social media. Everyone wants to be a Star, and Sell you Courses, information, subscriptions, ad revenue content. Demons running rampant, looking to devour more souls. Such an evil force. Their eyeballs should be solid black.
  2. Trader Curt

    Trader Curt

    I litterally hate this guy. From the moment he said he dislikes maonaise on hamburgers and pineapple on pizza I shut the video off.
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  3. maxinger


  4. maxinger


    for those who want to teach about trading,
    they should watch it so that they can learn how to attract customers.
  5. mikeriley


    Peddling trading products is a lucrative industry.
    Caveat emptor & due diligence always required.
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  6. Nobert


    Brian had vid where he drunk his own urine and did some karate-moves (after/before)

    Jordan already build his legacy.
  7. Yes, I'm aware of that. It can definitely be a lucrative industry to become a social media personality and sell all kinds of products, courses and services and subscriptions and generate that nice ad revenue if you have a sizeable following.

    But all those people....have basically Signed off their Soul to the Devil prior to deciding to do that. Become a bright charlatan on camera to make deals with the sheep masses....deceive them, essentially, sell them dreams, dollars...the good life. But anyone wiser and older, knows it's all bs. The only one truly benefiting is that person on camera.

    It's just an ugly picture, all-around, no matter how you slice it. The greedy, ignorant, naive, amateur sheep masses.....and the butchers and demons ready to completely devour them.
    I must admit, though, more and more everyday.....I'm eager to join the dark side. I've been thinking about signing up on all the major social media sites...and becoming a bright charlatan trading personality, :wtf:
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  8. mikeriley


    I've always been tempted. I've been told I have
    a great speaking voice and back during my Military days
    performed exceptional amounts of training. I realize
    if I became a Youtube Guru, I could definitely
    hook many neophytes.

    But alas, I have a conscience.
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  9. Do it, who cares about long as you're not breaking any laws, morals or ethics. It's all fair game.

    Seriously, quickly whip up f'n trading content....bundle it up in a sexy course package treasure chest.....and SELL the DREAM~~ get rich, if you can.

    Lights, Camera, Action`
    Ain't nothing to it.....But to DO IT

    Why give that Lamborghini to some other should be Yours.