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    Pekelo is the new free fullscreen internet TV, in Beta version from the inventor of Skype. You can sign up for it, but you have to wait in line. Unless you have an invitation from someone else already using it.

    Is there anybody here who would like to send me an invitation? Here is a review of the website:
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  4. OK, I'll try this.

    However, the thread starter sounds like he's looking to receive an invitation, not supply one. ??

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    Well, that is interesting. In the UK we pay a TV licence for having a TV set, TV receiver card for PC, DVD/video recorder. The fee is imposed by the British Broadcasting Channel. Even if you never ever watch BBC you still have to pay for the licence. That has been a debate ever since cable & Sky came around, why should we pay a licence for a channel that we never watch? But BBC is backed by a government legislation/s, so can't win that one. So if this company can offer everything that a usual cable channel offers to the UK customers & does not broadcast any of the BBC channels, then there is no need to pay for a TV Licence in that case.

    Yeah, dream on. There will be some other legislation in the pipeline as soon as this takes off LOL.
  7. I don't believe a free, targeted advertising business model like Joost can succeed. Not the way it's described.

    Also, there are already any number (at least a couple dozen) of free Internet TV portals, showing hundreds of basic, premium and PPV cable / satellite channels, all at no charge, all delightfully free of "targeted" privacy invasion. Good luck putting them out of business.

    As a slight aside, quote from the article:

    "Hollywood has embraced Bittorrent."

    On what planet?!

    Most of what shows up on Bittorent every day is pirated, underground stuff... first-run movies (either "filmed" with a camcorder in a movie theater or DVD rips), hot-off-the-press music CD rips, TV shows just broadcast a few hours ago, scanned books, cracked software with keygens, cracked games, anime. Hollywood -- and all other commercial content producers -- will embrace Bittorrent, without a doubt, when 95% of ET are profitable traders. Any day now.

    After a blunder like that, hard to take the writer's analysis seriously...
  8. (I'm easily impressed, FWIW - LOL) seems to be running Bloomberg Business news, same channel we have in the office running.

    20 seconds behind (maybe) - but it appears to have no commercials...might be a good trade-off.

    Don :)
  9. Yeah, that's one of the "couple dozen" online TV portals I referred to.

    Incidentally, Bloomberg is available (legally) from, in broadband and dial-up, recordable mms: streams, full-screen or less. Almost no commercials (most 2-minute breaks are filled by various global market snapshots), typically about 30 seconds behind RT, in my long-time experience.
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