Jones Soda taking it on the chin *Finally*

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by michaelscott, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. I was wondering when the Cramer pump/dump would be over. Ever since late December, there was so much interest in Jones. Even on good pullbacks, it would manage to rally. Now its time to lay the blanket over Jones soda and watch it go back down to the single digits. Another Cramer pump/dump has finally concluded. Congrats to all who made money on it.
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    Why do you sound so elated, as if the stock were a living thing that you have a hard on for?
  3. Dude, I lost 7k right now...F U!!!!!!!

    Guess I will hold and be a true bagholder. I really thought numbers would be good. I'm done.
  4. If history repeats itself, then Jones will not perform until late December/early January. I circled the areas on the chart to take note.

    The reason is that most soda is consumed over the summer. Wall Street bids the stock up in late winter to late spring and then dumps it over the summer. The stock then lingers during the fall.

    Im sorry pumpdumper. The common shares will most likely linger until January and hopefully it will pick up again. The head/shoulders on the chart does look somewhat alarming.

    The stock is now well under the 200 day moving average and the chart demonstrates that that average tends to act as a floor.

    Since I see the head and shoulders and the fact that its trading well under its 200 day moving average, I suspect that this could go back to the single digits.

    The good news is that the bottom trend line appears to be acting as resistance in afterhours. It may just turn up from here.
  5. I might eat the loss at $12...Single digits is a real possibility tomorrow. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Dont panic. This stock takes it on the chin every year at this time.

    I dont know if history will repeat itself this year, but if it does, then it will take about 6 months to rally.
  7. I'm still holding like a moron. It will never see $17 again. I did not sell. Maybe pepsi will buy

    It will probably go single digits by next month. I hate myself for buying it again.