Jon Stewart reveals the essence of Republican hypocrisy

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  1. You need to watch the whole ~6-minute video. It's really quite breathtaking:

    "You couldn't even get 60 senators to agree to vote on the 9/11 responders bill, because the top 2 percent of Americans haven't officially received their engraved notifications that their taxes won't go up 4 percent?" Stewart asked. "That's the principled pledge you want to stand by? 'Bros before heroes?' "

    Stewart concluded by saying it's a good thing rescue workers don't follow parliamentary procedure, requiring a vote before saving someone's life.
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    Disclaimer: The above opinion belongs to a non US citizen with no vote and no voice in US politics. It is posted solely for the purpose of demonstrating the posters unbridled haughty condescending arrogance and bears little if any resemblance to the opinions of most Americans. Should be read for entertainment purposes only.

    Thank you
  3. Stewart leaves nowhere for the greaseballs to hide. Pilloried in the townsquare and they should be.
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  5. So ? Only a few in the world have a vote in US politics,but US politics has an effect on the entire world.
  6. A toast to Mr Jon Stewart !!!:)
  7. When you feel the need to post but have nothing to say and cannot possibly defend your party's position, try this:

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    Here come the digressions and name calling.
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    You do realize Jon is just a comedian?
  10. I post a thread on hypocritical political ideology and you respond by commenting on another country's household debt levels? Not exactly sharp as a tack, are you? But if it gives you any comfort, I have no personal debts whatsoever. Perhaps when I next post a matter of political interest you will regale us with some vacation stories or share your favorite recipes.
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