Jon Stewart Just Crucified Cramer & CNBC

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by ess1096, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. ess1096


    That was hard to watch. Like watching someone get a mericiless beating in a parking lot. Can't say that Cramer or CNBC didn't have it coming.
    Anyone else think Cramer was heavily sedated? He also kissed Jon's ass so hard I was waiting for the rimjob finish.
  2. Yes he did...
  3. lwlee


    That was best financial interview I've ever seen. I preferred Colbert to Stewart but this one really opened my eyes.
  4. rickf


    Good show. Stewart said what many of us are feeling, and it's great to see someone with more influence than ET threads calling out CNBC for the crap they have put on-air in recent years under the guise of "financial news". Frankly it's not Cramer that's the problem, it's how CNBC approaches the industry they cover -- to his credit, Stewart kept hammering away on that point tonight.

    Surprisingly, Cramer was pretty quiet....I suspect CNBC told him to just take the beating for the good of the network.
  5. That wasn't comedy mf , that was [​IMG] tragedy.
  6. From the wsj, you shmucks thought Stewart figured out the bullcrap all by his lonesome, now didn't ya.


    “Hey honey, did you know that Jon Stewart’s brother is a big shot Wall Street executive?”

    That’s right. In prepping for tonight’s showdown, Stewart is likely ignoring his comedy writers and instead seeking counsel from his brother Larry Leibowitz, the head of U.S. Markets and Global Trading at NYSE Euronext.

    The 48-year-old Leibowitz is something of a Wall Street journeyman. He joined the NYSE from UBS, where he served as chief operating officer of the equity business in the U.S. Prior to that he co-ran Schwab’s capital markets business. Before that, Leibowitz co-founded a quantitative hedge fund called Bunker Capital, served as CEO of REDIbook and headed up quant trading at CSFB.
  7. ess1096


    Ya know, CNBC should have sent Dylan Ratigan as their soldier if they wanted to win this war. He would have constantly interupted Stewart -- like he does his own guests on CNBC-- then he would have rambled on and on just to hear himself speak and dominate the conversation as usual. :p
  8. Rat again.

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    Can someone post a link. I am abroad.
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