Jon Stewart Finally pounds CNBC.....

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  1. that's the fifth time its been posted today. i think that i'm loosing count.:D
  2. thank you , it was funny and so true.
  3. Sorry. I didn't see the other posts. Mod, could you delete this. Thanks.
  4. Make sure to watch AFTER the 03:07 mark. That's when it gets good.
  5. I love the end.. F.U. :p
  6. I and others have been calling CNBC a bunch of dickwads for , oh, 10 years.

    Where ya been Stewart?

    The time for ridicule is BEFORE the damage is done.

    Funny show anyhow. Even funnier if you're not losing any money, which narrows it down some.
  7. I was talking to a very good friend of mine, institutional broker at a tier one. Te Chief Economist, money managers, portfolio managers, they didn't get out. They are long stocks.

    I was shocked. Absolutely flabbergasted.
  8. I imagine some of Jim Jones right hand men didn't get out either.

    Part of their job is to drink the Kool Aid.

    They get so used to it, the can't stop.

    I haven't had a Kool Aid problem since I was about 5 years old.

    I suspect you haven't either fly.
  9. Really. But I still can't believe it. There had to be a chart book or two lying around. Maybe they used it to balance a table in the coffee room.
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