Jon Stewart crucifies Lenny Dykstra

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  1. i just heard he crucified Lenny Dykstra for 2 reasons.
    1) for always being wrong
    2) for always sounding like he is drunk.
  2. If he's not a Nazi, ZOG won't know of them.
  3. Stewart is wrong here. Anyone listening to Lenny Dykstra for trading ideas deserves what they get.

    Edit: And I loved Lenny as a player
  4. Nails

  5. Ladies, knock it off. We're ripping Lenny D here, not nazis or anyone else. Please go back to the yahoo boards.
  6. Closet? I must not have been clear then.

    PS Another pos multiple nick imbecile March reg poser.

    If you had any balls you'd just keep your old tired discredited handle and live with the fact that you're an nitwit.
  7. why did Dykstra ever get hired by Cramer anyway?
  8. Had balls?
  9. Had balls?[​IMG]
  10. wmb


    jon stewart is a whining wus....... as if he knows jack crap. maybe he could spend some time ripping on barney frank or chris dodd or how about the congressional black caucus anyone of them would be better than bothering with cramer or dykstra!
    #10     Mar 17, 2009