Jon Steward Continue To Rip On CNBC and Cramer

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Mar 10, 2009.

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  2. hughb


    Live by the media, die by the media. Cramer did this to himself. Cramer bashing has always been in fashion, but now it's REALLY in fashion. I've even seen half-page ads in the WSJ bashing him.

    Frankly, I like and admire the guy. He started with humble beginings and worked his way up. I think he made a poor decision to become a media personality, and an even poorer decision to become a flamboyant media personality. It's his flamboyance that has made him such a target. CNBC only makes the situation worse by using obfuscation to defend him.

    I would guess that the reason Cramer is not as succesful making his "calls" as he was when he was a fund manager/trader is that he is no longer plugged into the information flow. I think being connected played a big part in his success as a fund manager. He doesn't have that anymore and he keeps falling flat on his face.

    Elaine Garzarelli made a bearish call back in the early stages of the 90's bull market. She was so influential back then that her words caused a selloff in the market the day she made the call. You never hear from her anymore. I think this is happening to Cramer now, but in slower motion.
  3. bronks


    There are a lot of better people to admire than this piece of shit.

    He should catch a bullet right between the eyes for his complete and systemic slaying of the masses he's paid to "advise". Led the sheep straight to the slaughter without batting an eye.

    He will have Hell to pay...
  4. Guess he should have never spoken out against Barkey Obama
  5. Correct. And yet he speaks.
  6. I've posted this repeatedly on this forum in the last many years.


    End of story.

    The guys has no stock picking talent what so ever. Unless of course IMO he was getting feed names from the Spitzer and his gang brokers (phone slaps) for payment.

    Jim Crammer is a tool on so mnay levels...IMO.