Jon Corzine is Considering Starting A Hedge Fund

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  1. I don't like him as much as you do, but why throw mud at that situation? If he truly didn't know what happened, then he is just an honorable guy in the middle of a really shitty situation.
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    'After interviewing MF Global employees, however, Federal reportedly believe that what felled MF GLobal was recklessness, not criminality.'

    How about criminal negligence?

    How can taking other peoples money from segregated accounts, without their permission and losing it not be criminal?

    Is this a move mastered by the CFTC and congress to restore much needed confidence in the business?

    Either way, Corzine has proven 2 things:

    1. He isnt responsible and should NEVER be left in charge of others money.
    2. He cant trade his way out of a paper bag.

    Unfortunately, these are 2 qualities needed to run a hedge fund, so I guess he'll fail (again)
  3. Why would you not want to leave any traces? You'd be a folk hero! & I'm sure I'm not the only person who would contribute to your defense.

    As to the last post, I agree that had Corzine not known about the criminal activity in his firm then he would be criminally negligent. However it completely defies belief that he did not know about his own criminal enterprise. I am so fucking tired of these self professed intelligent people lying and claiming ignorance under oath.

    It seems that we are not going to get justice through the courts so I can only hope that someone puts a bullet through his head. The world will be a better place without him.
  4. can you read? I didnt call him an honorable guy, just saying you have no idea (unless you are secretly mr holder). Did you lose money in MF?
  5. Remind me to crack open a bottle of champagne when the firm that you trade at blows up and steals your money.
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    I used to have an account at MFG. I transferred for a better rate about a year before the blow up.

    Ive got to say, when I was there, they were a rock solid brokerage. Great service with knowledgeable staff. I moved to Velocity, and they are a bunch of clowns in comparison to MFG.

    Not only did Corzine screw up the careers of 100's of traders, he also screwed up the careers of 100's of his staff.
  7. I think if Obama loses, then the case can be re-opened and Corzine prosecuted. Right now it is impossible, he is protected by the highest levels of govt and is untouchable.
  8. Velocity is a small broker with many fines.

    Lincoln grow would you feel if your firm fucked up and your customers suffered and you couldnt do anything about it
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