Jon Corzine Is Being Sued By MF Global's Bankruptcy Trustee

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  2. This is just a legal ploy to scorch the earth of the remaining assets.

    Corzine is indemnified by MF Global by statute and the trustee will be using funds to sue him while paying funds to defend him. This circle jerk will wipe 99% of the assets in the form of legal fees ending in a confidential settlement with Corzine admitting no wrong doing.

    The shareholders should form a class now and sue the trustee for malpractice if he fails to get a court order barring indemnity for Corzine or if he fails to establish a constructive trust on all of Corzine's assets prior to suing him.

    A big fat noncollectable judgment is the same as the Charmin TP you wipe your ass with minus the tens of millions of dollars in "legal fees".
  3. woooooo......

    You ain't lived till you've been sued..... BFD.....

    "I say we kill him."

    "I say we hang him, then we kill him"

    "I say we stomp him, then we hang him, then we kill him."

    "I say we sue him............"


    Corzine..."I say we let him go."

    It's all right here in the clip. As Corzine does the "Tequila".

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  4. Corzine is smart. He's been around Wall Street a long time, and is surrounded by talented lawyers.

    At the end of the day, you will find he went as deep as possible into the gray areas, without actually crossing the line.