Jon Corzine found the holy grail!

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    Jon Corzine has an MBA and he managed to lose billions of dollars both for the state of NJ and MF Global. While the MF Global Investors are suffering and feeling the pain, Jon Corzine lives well in his nice apartment over the Hudson eating steak and zooming around in his red Ferrari.

    Congratulations to Jon Corzine! He has found the Holy Grail! While bankrupting investors and an entire state, he has managed to come away worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Now if only those on Elitetrader would learn...they can find the Holy Grail too just like John. Its really not that hard...get good grades, go to school and seek higher education then you too could end up ripping off investors while zooming away in a red Ferrari.

    Hats off to John for finding the Holy Grail!
  2. Boy, he's such an honorable gentlemen! Thank goodness he didn't intend to intentionally have any intentions of intending to misallocate any customer monies.

    Can we all please pause for a moment, give tribute to the honorable John Corzine and bask in all his re-hypothecated glory!!!
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    Oh yeah,Venus rims,he`s special baby!
  4. Stop mud throwing Corzine, as if he cares. Yes my 3 year 6 month old could of done a fucking better job as NJ gov, and he did make a big problem for himself and mf global clients-but he's still a senator, governor, judge, GOLDMAN CEO.....I can ASSURE you and your ego, that you would make a much dumber and funnier move than Corzine if you were #1 at a random futures/swap firm.

    California is a classy car btw. He earned it. Yes, he will probably be in jail, but some people make bad decisions.
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    I have decent reading comprehension, but I have no idea what you just said...
  6. You must be one of the farmers who lost all their money
  7. Put him next to OJ.
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    Imagine if he would have kept progressing in pres.