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    From the very childhood as i was growing up,in the kindergarden,in the school or university, I remember it was always some kind of a smart ass-smiling-joking fuck near me,who always bothered me with his stupid jokes.
  2. You really should learn to be more,.."PATIENT" with these kind of people.:D
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    :D :D :D

    I was.I shouldn't have,though.I shouldve cracked their stupid heads every time I encountered these fucks!
  4. E T is a great place with people like yoo.
  5. then you mean you are serious?

    oh come on, cheer up

    this weekend, i was watching AFV

    the most I like is "hit or miss or disgusting"

    a baby just started to learn walk, and a puppy. thehost show the first part video, then let guests guess what will happen?

    the puppy taught the baby to walk?
    or the puppy learn baby walk?
    or whatelse ....

    think about it