joint currency intervention

Discussion in 'Economics' started by drcha, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. drcha


    What shape will a "joint currency intervention" take? Do G-7 buy Japanese bonds, or...? I don't really understand this stuff. Thanks.
  2. Not sure of the details in this case but I think it looks like a call to dealers (Barclays, Goldman, BNP, Citi, ...) saying...
    ECB: offer for 1 yard EURJPY... mine
    BOC: offer for 500 CADJPY... mine
    FED: offer for 2 yards USDJPY... mine
  3. Roark


    Obama will give a speech and then go play golf.
  4. This one caught my attention. The outcome may not have the desired effect and appears reactionary. Where is the CNY in all this.