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    If you have been a broker for 15 years you must have a huge book and must generate some nice commissions. Don't walk away from that. I walked away from a $60 million book of biz cause I was burned out. Tried trading at Bright Trading.....didn't make the cut and went back to being a broker. Left join Echotrade. Had a great mentor and became profitable, but could not transition over to doing size to make a living. So went back into retail brokerage.......I'm a wholesaler now for a major annuity/fund complex. Making an awesome living, but working my butt off like I never have before. Still have the trading bug, but I'm saving it for when I retire. Prop trading will always be there. It's not a salary, no benes, etc. Unless you aready have FU figures set aside, don't leave your job.
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    I am told that any contributions made to an account at Carlin are not at risk to other trader's misdeeds. Your account is your account.

    How many other places say that in the prop world? And yes I know Don has been very forthcoming with what his firm does.
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  3. IMO, my friends at RBCarlin are very sound financially, as you know we are, not to worry. Very few I can say that about.

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    A large capital contribution should work in your favor. You also, can get on average 20x1, 100% payout and anywhere from .004-.006/shr. If you want to send me your email, I can provide you with a contact. Where are you located?
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