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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by theump, Jun 6, 2007.

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    Having been a full time broker for the last 15 years as well as trading my own account, I have decided to make the jump to trading full time.

    I am probably going to join RBC/Carlin. I plan on putting up $50k, working a 90-10 payout, with .01 commission. My trading style is pretty much news driven, value based, and a little mo-mo.

    Any thoughts to the deal I am getting?
  2. you are getting ripped off. i think that's what they call a highway robbery. do more research. there are other prop firms out there.
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    For somwhat of a professional newbie?
  4. Curious what the advantage is?
  5. Try 10k, 100%, and .07 all in and you could still do better. At the very min don't give up any of your upside.
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    as someone with no professional experience I really can get a 100% payout?

    I forgot to add that I am getting 200% leverage intraday and 100% overnight.

    Why would I only want to put up 10k, when 50k gives me that much more power?

    What is the standard for someone in my position, a relatively new professional newbie?
  7. There is no standard deal, layout your strategy and talk a good game and you can get a deal. If all you are looking for is a retail account go to IB or Etrade. Carli is prop where you can get much more leverage. What do you want/need for Buying Power?
  8. Yeah,

    Get some lubricant.

  9. For once, Hydro and I agree on something. That deal is completely uncacceptable, and you might as well go with IB, take 4:1 intraday, and 2:1 overnight, plus a better deal.
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    20 to one intraday, and 10 to one overnight.
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