joining a prop

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by zerosum111, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. i was wondering how hard it is to get on at a prop firm. are they very selective in who they let trade? or will they pretty much take anyone who has 10K to throw down?
  2. pretty much take anyone who has 10K to throw down...just "show them the money"
  3. is this mainly true with the less reputable firms? or is it basically the same with any prop shop? i may eventually enter the prop arena if i cannot find any other type of trading job after i graduate next week. any highly reccommended prop shops in chicago? any to really stay away from?
  4. this is true of any firm that doesnt pay you any salary like first new york.

    why would they not take in someone who is fronting $10K of their own money and will be generating risk free income for them in the form of commissions?

    if you blow out your account, you have to fill it back up. a prop firm would have to be run by idiots to pass up a free paycheck.

    the only exception to this rule is if the prop firm is doing extraordinarily well and is limited in space and resources. in this case they will only hire those who will bring in the most commissions. i dont think you will find many prop firms in this situation anymore. maybe back in 1998-2000 but not anymore.