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  1. MIT system won millions in black jack in Vegas as a team.
    I purpose we do the same in Trading and form a team. I am a successful trader with a proven track record for the past 8 years. Not one losing week.
    Why do this. Why not combine 3-5 professional traders to make a lot more money. You must have a system and records.
    My system brings in 3-5 entry’s a day. If 4 other traders have the same, now we all have 15-20 high quality trades per day. Even though we are a team for entry and exits, we will be independent with our accounts. You can watch me trade live to see I am real. If interested please email me at
  2. daily average profit 1k to 2k on 50k account at IB. With a team the goal is to increase to 3k to 5k profit daily.
    Team will be limited to 5 members.

    I trade U.S equity's. NASDAQ and NYSE.

    My System is not based on Algorithms, Market Indicators, Market Studies, or News.

    It runs between 400-500 stock symbols.

    90% of the time:
    Average daily volume 2 million plus.
    Stock price $6 - $70

    Your system does not have to trade the same things.

    No records are needed. All will qualify live. Even me. Who wants the past picks. The team aspect is to have 4-5 top money mangers/ trader giving there entry’s so we can all benefit. I had 3 picks yesterday all longs. LEAP in 12.75 out 13.50, FWLT in 31.48 out 31.85 and BTU in 44.46 out 45.20. If you think about it, it makes no sense that others wasted the trade and did not get in. Just think how powerful we will be with 5 of us, and what we can accomplish. I am sure other smart traders are doing this, we just do not hear about it.

    We will all trade our own funds and keep our profits. No sharing of funds just brains.

    We will use gotomeeting. With this it is like we are all sitting next to each other. It is not going to be a chat room. Business only. Private

    There will be no leaders, no need. It will be team voting
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    loser. con artist.

    if you make money, why do you want others' ideas?

    if others make money, why do they want to give you their ideas?
  5. I will never give my system out nor do I want yours. All we give to each other in the team is when to buy. We are a team. As individuals we do not need each other. I do not need anyone to make 6 figures. For 7 I need a team. You are free to watch me trade Monday-Friday any time to see I do not need anyone. Email me to watch live
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  7. I doubt you have anything close to an MIT education, and I am sure you don't know "the system".

    Do us all a favor and pitch your snake oil elsewhere.
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    it is quite possible that there is an overlap in the trades even if they use different strategies thus it would be half of that many trades or so...
  9. What are the specific benefits of you corraling 4 or 5 individuals?...Am I missing something?:confused:
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    If your system is so successful, why not just scale up on your trades ? You should be able to increase your income that way. It may not be linear like it would with futures contracts, but you should be able to increase your income by trading with higher lots.

    As a corollary to the OP, I too, am trying to team up with a bunch of High School drop-outs, all of whom put on 4-5 losing trades a day (sorry, no winning trades allowed). If I can find 4-5 other "losers", then I may be able to increase my losses by an order of magnitude. Why lose $ 100K per year, if I can lose $ 500 K. Please email me at, if you want to see me trade live, and hear me cry like a baby during market hours.
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