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    "NYSE Euronext, the company that owns the exchange, is asking regulators to approve a new platform that would attract orders from ordinary investors and then divert them away from the normal exchange with the aim of getting the investor a better price. Nasdaq and the exchange company Direct Edge said they have similar plans in the works.

    The proposal looks like a technical tweak to help ordinary investors. But it has become the front line in a battle over what the nation’s stock markets should look like after nearly a decade of fragmentation has resulted in over a third of all stock trades occurring in the dark, up from 15 percent in 2008, according to Rosenblatt Securities, a brokerage firm.

    In the past, the exchanges have pushed regulators to force the dark markets to become better lit, but James Allen, the head of capital markets policy for the CFA Institute, said that with the new proposals the exchanges are acknowledging “that if you can’t beat them, join them.”"

    10 years from here, everyone will only trade like in 1920, no Level 2, no quotes, only prints, a lot of prints. And someone is saying that this is called evolution? lol.
  2. And this matters why?

    As long as you know what price is minute to minute and the spread nothing else you need to know...
  3. Well, since when a deregulated market has been a nice place?.

    If we´re going to the place where all this started, what´s the point of having a lot of tax money spent in huge organizations that guarantee a "fair" and "clean" market if they will be unable to do a thing?.

    All the "transparency" of the process will disappear and the cycle will start over again, banned pools may appear again dealing in the dark, all other banned practices will flourish since there will be no one capable to control them. I see nothing good in this, they´re literally saying "well sorry, we cannot fight the "bad" guys, so we will join them and f**k everyone else".

    Damn, in a couple of years "openbook" services will start to appear around, showing the dark liquidity, since the competition may awake the need of extra income. (nothing bad there, but it will take a few years, I don´t wanna wait that long lol)
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    If these markets are ever going to work in coordination with one another, there needs to be one quote system that displays BBBO.

    Since when are Dark Pools given the benefit of the doubt? They can disappear if they like---not helping anyone!

    Again, have the SEC charge enormous fees to all these Dark Pools and OTC mktmakers and let them pay up like everyone else.