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  1. I am currently working for a small PE shop and attending b-school at UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business. I'm looking to start a small group for investment professionals in downtown San Francisco. I'm a former broker [+11yrs] and would like to find like-minded people to network with. :) Just a small group of people who want to extend their circle, network, meet new people, friendship and possibly new business contacts.

    Looking for people with extensive experience in money management, hedge fund mangers, trading, sales and even I-banking, all welcome.

    Something low key to start..maybe meet at a bar or the Gold Club..hahaha..j/k. :eek:

    My track is more towards a hedge fund or b/d-boutique i-banker than RIA or independent.

    My background is specializing in equities trading, China, derivatives, short bias, warrants/units, spacs, form 10, etc. I spent time at Lehman, Bear, Morgan, and a few other shops along the way.

    Women are welcome.

  2. how about a bit more professional user ID. You sound like a 12 year old girl with braces and a crush...
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    Would you do me a favor? If you see one of those Code Pink idiots on campus would you give him or her a swift kick in the butt for me?

    I appreciate it.
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    wow you are former broker 11+ years
    wow I am so impressed, so you can't trade why don't you just admit it and ask for tips how to learn
    take futures and master them, good luck
  5. these dudettes here are being HARSH my mang!

    I know how rough it is being straight in san fran...always gotta cover your exit.

    If you want some help with learning how to ride the trading dragon, just give me a holla back y'all and I'll show you a bit of the ninja-renko system combining volume, RSI/MACD, and renko overlay on candlestick charts with specific W and gunshow patterns (always look for the barrel extension).

    Anyway mang...hop on the money train as soon as you can...time to SELL SELL SELL this pig!

    P.S.S. I'm in San Fran every few weeks to get my grind on with the ashun ladies...know wha i'm sayin... :eek: