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    i missed P2's gathering at the soho grande, therefore, i would like to organize my own. i will be at the soho grande at 8 pm on monday august 18th--- if anyone wants to stop by to talk about the market, elite trader, or anything, it would be super cool. let me know, and i look forward to seeing you there !


  2. drop me a PM, let me know exactly where it is, I would love to talk trading
  3. Since I could not make P2's night, maybe good to hook up.

    Lemme know details...

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    How can we know who / where you are inside?
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    soho grand on broadway in soho, NYC. i'll advise the hostess to direct you to the "elite traders" table--just ask. looking forward to seeing you !


  6. I have a meeting in NYC after the close, afterwards I'll try and make it. Would be great to meet some of you.
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    excellent, jai. i have a meeting at 4:30 on wall street, the get together is at 8 pm. see you then !

  8. Will most certainly see you guys the 18th.
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    looks like a good group will be there. looking forward to meeting everyone !

  10. Surf- Sorry you couldn't make it. I am unfortunately leaving on a jet plane tomorrow or I'd definately go.

    Lets do something at that Vegas traders expo.
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