Join George Fntanills for a FREE Seminar: Power Trading the FX Markets

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  1. MultiCharts is committed to helping traders learn and grow by inviting industry experts to present webinars. Different presentations cover trading methods, trading ideas, and our MultiCharts trading software. Everyone from new traders to experts can learn something new, so pick ones that interest you and click Register to reserve a spot!

    MultiCharts is pleased to present a seminar with George Fontanills of Robo Trader Technologies on Tuesday, March 27 at 4:30 p.m. EST. This seminar is rescheduled from March 8.

    George Fontanills is the Managing Founder and principal of RTT Trading Group, LLC, and Robo Trader Technologies. He is a highly acclaimed investor and educator, and is known as the founder of Optionetics. In 2007 Mr. Fontanills founded Robo Trader Technologies, LLC. a leading edge algorithmic trading software development company.

    Topic: POWER TRADING the FX Markets with Algorithms and MultiCharts

    Description: Join George Fontanills at this FIRST ever, powerful new Webinar. During this session, George Fontanills will show you how powerful algorithms and MultiCharts work as a team to extract profits from the stock, futures and FX markets. Algorithmic trading is the “buzz word” but few people have actually captured this opportunity on a consistent basis such as Mr. Fontanills. Since selling his company Optionetics, which he founded, he has been focused on beating the markets with algorithms and a top notch execution platform. Together these algorithms capture profits in markets around the world.

    During this session he will show you how to develop algorithms using MultiCharts, back test these algorithms and then forward test so you have a better chance of matching past performance in a back test. Trading is about developing ideas that others do not see and then seizing the opportunities. Mr. Fontanills is a Master in developing ideas that others may not see and the implementing these using powerful tools. See the RTT Trading algorithms and MultiCharts in a way that can help you increase your chances of success dramatically.