Johnny Rock's comeback

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    Plan for 2moro:

    [The pic is cut off, but that simply states the obvious - multiple charts confirming the uptrend. The only obstacle is on the 30' chart.]

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  2. You have to be able to think on your feet and have a nimble mind, while constantly considering the bigger picture of what the market is for that given day, (which is a dynamic, ever-changing beast)

    Having your rules written down in a so-called 10 Commandments Concrete Tablet...can make you stubborn and rigid, o_O

    But Godspeed, and Mazal Tov, -- and May The Farce Be With You,

    I have been staring at the SPY/DOW chart Daily...for the past 8 Years -- so I kind of like to think that I know what I'm talking about,
    I'm like Neo in The Matrix...and the daily SPY/DOW chart is my Matrix or understanding,
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    You might want to update the date on your last posted handwritten note. You are trading a year behind!
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  4. Well, he'll dramatically increase his chances of success trading last year's charts. ;)
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    ROFLMAO! Is this what surf mean't with trading after the fact or however he put it?
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    Thanks! That may explain my results.

    That should read 8-2-17 and 8-1-17 (not the 31st). And definitely not 2016. I do live in Colorado, so I plead the 5th.
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    yall must have some powerful weed there in CO man, especially now that it is all legal and such..good luck trading dude. Keep her between the lines.
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  8. Denver, here
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  9. I'll assume from the "yall" that you're from the south. I'm fresh off smoking what they offer in NC...I would have returned that even back in high school.
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    Well he said he was a southern boy making a comeback. Gotta speak the lingo you know.
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