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    Okay. From what I remember (and the book will be here today) is there are four stages in a market cycle. Trading in an environment where a top/bottom is being made calls for a different method (range) than a trending environment. I can't remember how the cycles are labeled, but I think stages 1 and 3 were bottoms/tops and 2/4 were trending (long/short). However, the principle is what is important here.

    I do remember that the 10 and 34 MAs were used. I will re-read this book and try again when the cycle is right. No prediction here, but when I trade again I will try to use Weinstein's method/reasoning. Please remember I am broke and this is a paper trading journal.
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    Changed chart settings to 10 MA & 30 MA per Weinstein's book.

    • will keep an eye on GOLD, OIL, S&P & NASDAQ via the ETFs
    • it will be easier to watch the ETFs than the futures contracts (for free)
    • if this works, I will adapt it the futures markets and experiment with the mini ag contracts
    • work my way up to the gold/oil/eminis

    Each horizontal line is potential support/resistance for future reference. To do this right, I will take the time to post from freestockcharts instead of the tradestation app.
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    Low priced stocks set to move higher:
    • Expansion bar/heavy volume on Feb. 1st (marked by arrow underneath)
    • Consolidation on declining volume
    • Triangle poised to break out
    • Wait for the break and enter long if the trend continues

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    May I introduce you to Mayor Small Penis (Colorado Springs). This is the guy who covered up a beat down perpetrated by the CSPD at Memorial Hospital. Did you know the video is on YouTube? Simply SEARCH (YouTube Search) CSPD Memorial Hospital.

    Of course Mayor Small Penis is just a guess. It's alleged. You know. I actually have less proof of his penis size than the CSPD does of this beat down! Of course, if he sues me, then we can ask him about his penis size and other questions regarding this cover up in the deposition. Mayor Small Penis, at one time, was the DA for Colorado Springs, so I am quite sure he knows all about depositions!

    One of the reasons you often hear from people who defend The Rich Man's Gang (a gang, by definition, wears the same colors and do not snitch on each other!) is that you don't know what happened before the video was shot. The good thing about this video it was actually captured via closed circuit TV at Memorial Hospital. So, it is quite clear the young lady was already in handcuffs when the incident occurred!

    Hero? Not a chance! Zero? You bet! Bully with a Badge? Most definitely. So, I am not sure why Mayor Small Penis of Colorado Springs covered this up, but he did!

    WWGWD? What Would George Washington Do? Don't ya kind of think its time for a REVOLUTION?! Well, we can't say that. Not even in jest. However, here is what we can say! Should we protect a government who is at WAR with its citizens?! Okay, carry on.

    mayor small penis.jpg twitch-police-beat-down-banner.png citizen1.png
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  7. A famous and very wealthy trader once said if you really want to know what is happening, just print out the price chart, hang it on the wall and stand on the other side of the room.......
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  8. As a trader, it should be obvious you don't go against the trend until it has reversed. Why do citizens keep challenging the police in these situations? You get a worse beating if you resist just like shorting the US index. And the latest casualty is fibo trader on both counts....
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    I guess you did not watch the video of the 18 year old female, already in handcuffs, who was not resisting! Nor have you seen countless videos of police officers shooting people in the back! Shooting people with their hands up! Beating down citizens for no reason.

    As far as going against the trend trading, people do it, and many are successful. Going against an out of control police force is a trend I am willing to go up against. Cowards. Zeroes! Not fucking heroes!!!

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    Good advice!
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