Johnny Rock's comeback

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  1. johnnyrock


    Ha ha. Now that is funny!
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  2. vanzandt


    Talk about aging badly....
    Bill Murray on CNBC this AM
    He's 67
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  3. johnnyrock


    That's what happens when you have too much fun! Not a bad tradeoff.
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  4. vanzandt


    Its all genetics
    Boss is 68
    (Spain 2018):
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  5. johnnyrock


    Probably. I was actually thinking about Keith Richards and Charlie Sheen when this topic came up.

    Dude looks good for 68! The other two I just chalked up to the drugs, but they all had fun. That's for sure!
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  6. johnnyrock


    1st hour range break down. Will be playing 5' momo/1bp pattern (1 bar pause).

    Also looking for 3bt (3 bar triangle) on the 30'.
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  7. johnnyrock


    The 5' momo/1bp and 3bt on 30':
    • Both plays setup today
    • 12:00 bar contraction
    • Previous bar expansion
    • 12:05 trigger

    • Bars 3, 4 and 5 setup
    • Bar 6 trigger
    Dummy style stops
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  8. johnnyrock


    Tampa Bay Downs,

    weekend race pick:
    • Vino Rossio to win
    • Courtesy of Americas Best Racing
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  9. Bill Murray always looked old, even when he was younger -- he looked/looks like he lived on nachos and hotdogs and Kool-Aid.

    Sure genetics plays a role in how you look in aging and health overall, but the lifestyle and habits you chose to adopt plays a much, much overshadowing significantly bigger role.

    To age well, and also have a healthy inner body, need to embrace a collectively well-balanced and healthy, nutrition, exercise, mind, body, spirit as well.
    You can be healthy in diet and fitness (and rich too)...but if you are stressed and angry and will show and affect you.

    Meat is bad for you, vegans age and look much healthier and calmer and wiser than meat eaters.
    Also eliminate all salts and sugars too in your diet, if possible.

    Replace smoking and hard liquor...with tea and water and fruit consumption. -- Lightly sipping on wine is good for you, occasionally.

    My new book, Make Trading and Your Life Great Again 2018, is coming out in the Summer of this year. :confused:
    I'm Lawrence Lugar. and That's what I'm about.....High-Five`, High-Five`,
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  10. vanzandt


    Who cares? Tell us all something we don't already know.
    Are you "part art part science'ing" these markets?
    Good day to play.

    "Replace smoking and hard liquor" .... Gee, ya think?
    Can we at least have a double cheeseburger and fries?
    You left out venereal diseases.
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